Chronicles of Kremsha: A World in Chaos

Chapter I:Epilogue

Chapter I: Epilogue

The Outpost at Tharkis
As the black dragon fell from the sky it cast its shadow on the ruins of Tharkis and for a moment its inhabitants saw briefly what the future would have been for them if not for these individuals who dared challenge the might of the empire. Heroes or villains they did not care.

The Imperial Palace at Sunspire
Far to the east, past the arcane academy of Sunspire the imperial capital, Queen Raxes clenched her fists in anger enough to draw blood. She turned her gaze to the dagger peaks where news of the death of one of her dragons had come. What is more disturbing than the death of her dragon were stories of how her soldiers were driven mad with bloodlust by an unknown force making them attack the outpost at Tharkis, and killing all the imperial nobles there. Nevertheless, her priority was still the individuals from the ship Haldaran. With a forceful gesture she signaled and her armies marched west.

And so the world was drenched in fire. To the north Noldor the land of Ice was troubled by the rebellion of its human slaves. To the east Ai, under the rule of its new dragon riding highlords was still recovering from the war. To the south the Keltigeran humanoid tribes were preparing to face the war machines marching towards them. And far to the west, to the frontier….

Somewhere in the frontier…

The first of them awakened. In the ruins of the first city they had slept forgotten, biding their time, and waiting to reclaim their birthright. The First turned his gaze east, where their slaves had fled a long time ago. The time has come, he would awaken the others.
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When stars collide

Ten strangers gathered around a bleak fire as the bard told his tales. They were old tales and the passengers of the ship they were on, the merchant ship Haldaran were weary of them. The world around them was in chaos. Borders shifted as alliances shattered resulting in massive migrations, famine and plague. The war machine of the Kremshan empire was hell bent on subduing the world and will do no less than to set it in flames.

Three weeks at sea and they seemed to be going nowhere.The door burst open as the captain entered, bloodied. “The ship is under attack!”, he shouted before falling down dead. The ten strangers went to their positions as if they were choreographed to do so. The ranger signaled to his companions that skeletons, their mysterious attackers, were going down the staircase at the end of the narrow hallway. It was the perfect trap. It was a brief skirmish in the midst of fire and ash. Before the group could celebrate their victory a white light surrounded them.

And then they woke up on the shores of an island.


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